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Our BBQ cleaning service

Experience the Ultimate BBQ Cleaning Service

At Oven&BBQ Revive, we take pride in offering a comprehensive BBQ cleaning service that leaves your grill looking its absolute best. Here's a detailed overview of what you can expect when you choose our professional BBQ cleaning service:

Pricing Options:

  • Kettle BBQ: £45

  • BBQ with up to 4 burners: £59

  • BBQ with 5 or more burners: £69

Our Cleaning Process:

  • Thorough Soaking: Your BBQ grill undergoes a complete immersion in our specialized cleaning solution to ensure the best possible results.

  • Maximum Effort: We're committed to delivering exceptional results. Every effort is made to restore your grill to its optimal condition.

Addressing Rust Issues: BBQs can be prone to rust, which can affect their cleanliness. The extent to which we can address rust depends on the BBQ's condition. If it's surface rust, we can often clean it effectively. For more severe rust issues, results may vary.

Exterior Protection: We go the extra mile to protect your BBQ from future rust and weathering. After cleaning, we apply a special product that forms a thin, protective, oily coat on the exterior, guarding against rust and weather damage.

Recommended Cleaning Frequency: To keep your BBQ in top shape, we recommend our deep cleaning service twice a year, typically between May and September. Leaving grease and carbon buildup during the winter is discouraged, as it can lead to rust and material staining.

Scheduling Your Appointment: On the day of your scheduled appointment, we'll provide a courtesy call to let you know we're en route. This ensures you have ample time to prepare for our arrival. While we strive to arrive closer to the earliest hour of your selected time slot, please understand that occasional delays due to unforeseen circumstances can occur.

Convenient Payment Options: For your convenience, we accept multiple payment methods, including cash, card, and bank transfer. Please note that a small 2% fee is applied to card transactions to cover provider charges.

At Oven&BBQ Revive, we're committed to delivering a comprehensive BBQ cleaning experience that revitalizes your grill and enhances its longevity. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and see the difference for yourself.

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